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Hello everyone i'm a little worry about my graphic card. before I get into that I will tell you my system specs. I have intel dx58so mainboard, 6gb corsair xms ddr3 ram, intel i7 960 cpu, and ati hd 5970. I'm also using a coolmaster haf92 case. My OS is vista X64. Here is my issue when I type in dxdiag in (Start Search) and I look into display. I see in (approx total memory) 716mb graphic memory. The ati hd 5970 is a 2gb graphic card. Am I being stuipd or is there an issue.

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Take a look at this: – ngen Dec 21 '10 at 21:36

Its not related to the actual physical ram on the gpu, I have a 512mb 4870 and its read as 2296mb in dxdiag, you don't have to bother yourself if the performance is not hindered in anyway you can also download gpuz and check for the specs it might give you a more straight forward accurate reading.

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