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I need to create a 'Folder Shortcut' in Windows Explorer in Windows 2000. I don't mean a mapped drive, just a Folder Shortcut to a shared network folder (it will end up as a first-level object under My Network Places).

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OK, figured it out.

Go to the 'My Network Places' folder, and double-click on 'Add Network Places', then just browse for the folder and hit OK.

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Right click the folder and select "Create Shortcut". Move the shortcut to wherever.

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I've tried that, doesn't work. It won't let me place it under Network Neighborhood in Windows Explorer. – Lance Roberts Aug 13 '09 at 20:56

You see 'Favorites' section in left pane.

Drag your folder and drop it in this 'Favorites' section.

A link (shortcut) will be created in the tree structure of 'Favorites'.

Next time you start windows explorer - you can just open your folder by clicking the icon in this Favorites section.

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Right click the folder. Click Send To, then click Desktop. Move that shortcut wherever you want it.

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It won't move to the 'My Network Place' folder (though there already Folder Shortcuts there, so there must be a way). – Lance Roberts Aug 13 '09 at 21:01

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