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Is there any way to get the full set of email addresses? Example: I receive an email sent to a Lotus group 'all department employees'. I'd like to be able to grab the actual email addresses contained within (not their Lotus user name) so that I could email everyone from a client other than Lotus. Does such an option exist? I believe this was doable in Exchange with a right-click and 'expand nickname' type of action. I'm on a Mac.

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Very simple, Open any email, Go to file -> Save As , save as .eml on your desktop open the file created on your desktop using notepad.

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You call that 'very simple' ? –  Rabarberski Mar 11 at 14:19
@Rabarberski Why, do you call that 'very hard'? –  Jacob Goulden Apr 1 at 16:00
@jacob: I never said it's 'very hard', I just think it is /not/ 'very simple'. It's very involved: why would one need to save an email to a file and open it in another application just to see the actual email addresses? –  Rabarberski Apr 1 at 18:27

There is no built in way to do it that I know of, although you could potentially write an agent to do it.

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On the Mac and your document in edit mode, click on the group name and right click. Select "Show Name Details...".

If nothing shows up, check your status bar to see if there are any connection errors and add the required connection document if needed.

This should then pop-up a dialog box detailing the group details.

If the person is using a personal group list, or intentionally hidden the SendTo however you are not going to be able to see the details.

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If the article Public Address Book Contact Group Reply to All Fault still applies, then your problem is because you are using a server address book for the email.

Apparently the problem doesn't occur when using a local address book, and the recipients can successfully reply to all in the group.

(Not using Lotus Notes, I cannot test anything.)

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