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I want to use my mobile (with internet GPRS/EG) as server. I mean, I hace my PC (not in network) and my mobile (with internet). I want to connect my pc to mobile and use.

So, when I connect my PC to mobile, who will assign ip address to pc? Is mobile having DHCP server? if not, what is the alternative?

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Without some idea what handset you are using (and, if it is a smartphone, what OS it is using) there is no way for anyone to suggest anything that might help beyond Danish or RedGrittyBricks answers below. Bluetooth tethering can generally achieve what you are after, but if you only have wifi or usb access to the phone then software specific to you phone platform is required. – Mokubai Dec 23 '10 at 10:32

The term is Tethering, and each device has its own way to do it. It also depends on your Mobile Service provider to allow tethering and use it with your computer.

If you can update your question with handset information, may be you would get some specific answers.

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Maybe you want a Mifi device such as this or this

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