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I get this error when starting up my PC. And there are an option whether I want to debug it or not (using visual studio because I have it installed on my PC) and I choose No.

I search google and found that this may be caused by ASUS's something, I don't really understand.

Anyone had this kind of error before?

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ATKKBService.exe is common on ASUS laptops. I am unsure of its purpose, but on my system it seems to do something involving hotkeys (and is one of about a billion separate programs that work with the hotkeys). If you have an ASUS computer, go to, select downloads, then choose your computer from the drop-down lists. Download anything that mentions ATK, Keyboard, or Filter Driver. Then uninstall anything with those words from your add/remove programs menu, and re-install them from the files you downloaded. If you do not have an ASUS computer, just uninstall anything with "ATK" in it from the add/remove programs menu.

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thanks for the response, I will try your solution .. – Permana Dec 23 '10 at 6:35

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