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I have an iMac with OS X 10.4 that I can't login to. Whenever I get to the login page I type my password and it starts to login. The blue and white status bar appears and eventually login but only for a split second. A blank blue screen flashes and then it returns to the login screen. This only occurs with the admin account. Any ideas on how to stop this?

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Is something interesting showing up in the log files in /Applications/Utilities/ Do you have a second admin account? Can you authenticate from another (regular) account to e.g. change settings in System Preferences? Do you have FileVault activated on your admin account? – Daniel Beck Dec 23 '10 at 16:12

Try rebooting in Safe mode by holding Shift as the Mac starts to boot -- this will disable several categories of system add-ons (see Apple's KB #HT1455 and #1564) that're likely suspects with a problem of this sort. If that works (i.e. lets you log in), look through the various things that were disabled, and experiment with removing them some at a time to isolate what's causing the problem. Since it's only one account having trouble, things inside the user Library are the most likely suspects.

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