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Is there way to list/log network disconnections on Win7?

I'm getting re-connected many times a day to interenet and it havent been happening just few weeks ago. So I want to have these drops listed so I can show them to my internet provider.

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I would use either Performance Ping or , if you have access to a machine on their network, such as a SSH shell account, you might be able to use Java Net Perf to get much more detailed info.

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Check your router, it may well log these events

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Control Panel | administrative Tools | Computer management

Computer management
   + System Tools
       + Task scheduler
       + Event Viewer
            + Custom Views
            + Windows Logs
                 - Application
                 - Security
                 - Setup
                 - System <----
                 - Forwarded Event
            + Applications and Services

Look for event ID = 27, source = your network card drive, e.g. for Intel gigabit ethernet, "e1yexpress". Just filter it and copy/paste.

enter image description here

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