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i have the issue with windows 7 32-bit professional, since this is a network computer, when i download or install something it was asking for admin password , i gave password, then its shows programme need elevation , after i gone to my computer-properties-advanced tap - again the same message displays as windows-system32-systempropertiesadvanced.exe need programme elevation .this same message showing in all eg: if i click to install something wind/sys32/isyspropertiesins.exe progrmme need elevation , also i was not able to add or change somthing in the computermanagement, user or group , says some error , even i logged in admin also,, please help me out with good soluton ..i am looking forward reply , as soon as possible.



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You haven't actually asked a question here. You download a program and running it prompts you for the admin password. So? That's normal if the program requires admin rights. Is the problem that you don't know the admin password? That you don't expect the program to require admin rights? Something else? –  Leo Davidson Dec 22 '10 at 22:17
i mean.. i will tell the problem clearly.. i clicked mycomputer-properties-advanced tab .. when i click advanced tab it displays 'c:/windows/system32/systempropertiesadvanced.exe' this required operation need elevation .. please help me out –  mohammedjas Dec 23 '10 at 7:56

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