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I'd like to download a link like:

Now, I'm enough of a shell junkie to know what SCP does, but that's about where my geek-dom ends. So is there a shell program that lets me basically do an http get and pipe it through to a file?

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@Daniel Awesome. Thanks for all your help today. You rock. – fakeit Dec 24 '10 at 0:52
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(you might need to install it e.g. using Homebrew, MacPorts or Fink -- assuming you're still on Mac OS X)

Alternatively, you can use curl, which is standard on Mac OS X:

curl > local_filename.mp3
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Wget and curl may be not installed on some Unix-like system's by default. But you also can use:
it save response to the current directory with URL filename. To change see man fetch

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