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I used APtonCD to create a ISO image of packages I have installed on my install. I'm trying to restore the image, but it seems to look for the restore image present in my default drive.

How do I get AptonCD to look at the packages present in the ISO on the local disk?

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what do you mean by . You can create an image but can never restore... – Sathya Dec 24 '10 at 19:17
As hal is not present, it will not show file open dialog. Installing hal solves the problem. – BZ1 Jan 25 '13 at 15:23

Firstly after installing Linux mint 10, update system using the update manager.

After copy contents on the APTonCD from the packages folder except (aptoncd-metapackage_date.deb) to /var/cache/apt/archives (remember to open this with sudo nautilus in terminal)

Now open Synaptic package manager select packages to install. remember to connect to the Internet so that packages that you don't have will be downloaded before install.

This should work fine.

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You need to install hal. Otherwise, it will keep asking for the image on your CD drive.

sudo apt-get install hal

After executing this command, try AptOnCD again. You will be able to select the ISO file.

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