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I have a USR9105 router and I'd like to configure its QoS to prioritize web traffic (browser) over everything else (e.g. torrents). I'm confused by its interface though:

alt text

"IP precedence" allows selecting a number from 0 to 7, while "IP type of service" can be one of "Normal Service", "Minimize cost", "Maximize reliability", "Maximize throughput" and "Minimize delay".

How should I set it up? Is QoS the wrong solution to avoiding torrents slowing down browsing to a crawl? Should I set up a proxy and traffic shaping instead?

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Lets look at all the fields, setting up for high priority browser traffic...

Traffic Class Name [set to anything you want]

Priority [set to high]

IP Precedence [I think you can leave this at 0]

IP Type Of Service [I think you can leave this at Normal Service]

Protocol [Leave this as TCP/UDP]

Source IP Address [Leave this blank]

Source Subnet Mask [Leave this blank]

Source Port [Leave this blank]

Destination IP Address [Leave this blank]

Destination Subnet Mask [Leave this blank]

Destination Port [You need to account for port 80 and port 8080 so type 80:8080]

I believe this will work for you as long as you are allowed to leave the fields blank that I said to leave blank. Hopefully you will not need to make a similar class for torrents, if you do then that class should be set to low priority.

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