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I am running Windows 7 x64. I want to make a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 virtual machine so I can try out Sharepoint development.

I have heard that Hyper-V is not supported on Windows 7.

So what is supported on Windows 7?

Note: I need a product that is free for commercial use or is a Microsoft solution.

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You will not find a Microsoft solution for Windows 7 that allows you to virtualise 64-bit guests. If you need a quick virtualisation solution I would use VirtualBox, or if you need a proper virtual server solution I would use VMware.

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Just so you know, out of the box VirtualBox requires you to keep the virtual machine window on your desktop unless you want to play with vboxheadless. VMware Server (being "server" oriented) does not. – Dec 25 '10 at 21:31

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