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I have a Hp pavilion dv9000 and wish to restore it to its new condition. I have a restore disk- what do I do now?

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Well, I would first start by finding the documentation about restoring from the disk from HP's website or anything that came with it.

I would suspect that all you have to do is put the disk in and follow the on screen instructions. If nothing happens, try rebooting the machine with the disk still in the drive.

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I hope you have a backup of your data because I think the restore disk will format your hdd when it installs the os. You may need to remove your current hdd and buy an usb enclosure for it and plug it in to another system and backup all your data.

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2 ways to recover that laptop,

1.) use F11 at the HP logo screen during boot to launch recovery manager.

2.) Boot from disc 1 of the recovery discs to start the recovery process.

Windows 7



This is assuming your original OS was Vista or Windows 7, not some earlier version.

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