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I just bought a computer from HP and they failed to include SATA power connectors with the power supply other then the one HD and DVD drive. Meanwhile I have two IDE to SATA power adapters that came with my "USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE cable" 3rd pic on the left.

I was wondering if I would just open up my computer and use it to plug it my SATA drives to the IDE power sources and mount it to the motherboard, would it damage my drives in the long run or have any other significant effects. A friend told me he knows people who have had their HD burn out because of this

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My experience: I administer a small compute rcenter with 30 computers, each with two hard drives and two dvd-rom drives. The HDDs are SATA and they use the converters. It's been 2 years now and not a single drive has failed and neither have the PSUs. They are safe because they are designed to draw more or less the same amount of power as IDE drives.

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