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I'm living in Chennai,India. My ISP is Bharti Broadband. Why does my IP address change to IBM ip address( ), just before 10 minutes?

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Your IP is allocated by your ISP when you login for each (broadband) session.
So it can change each time you login.
But does not sound right.

You could get another IP address if you connect to a VPN tunnel somewhere.
That could be a private address (usually is).
Yet, does not sound right at all -- can you paste the output for 'ipconfig /all'?
(I assume you are working on a Windows system -- else, it would be 'ifconfig').
If you want to scrub your output, I just want the names of all interfaces and
the lines for IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers for each interface.

Finally, the entire Class-A is is owned by IBM.
So, any incorrect value in that range will appear to be IBM -- you don't get IP addresses that end with a '0' in the last octet normally, which makes me pretty sure you have an error somewhere in your data.

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