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I have some strange problems with the mobo in title. I have two fans connected to SYSFAN 1 and 2. Both are the same temp regulated Arctic Cooling F12. They are regulated thru temp sensor which is in different cable from fan. It connects to the 3 pin.

So, I connected them to SYSFAN 1 and 2 MB ports. The problem is, when PC starts, the fan connected to SYSFAN 1 spins nice and is reporting speed to BIOS. But second fan connected to SYSFAN 2 starts to spin, than stops. I tried to warm the sensor with no help. Also, in BIOS I found no feature about SYSFAN 2 mode or something. I tried the fan itself by connecting it to PWR fan connector and it works fine. But obviously I want it to operate in SYSFAN 2. Please if you have any advice, help. Thanks.

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According to the manual , sysfan 2 has 4 pins, maybe you have the 3 pin connector in the wrong position?

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