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I have installed oracle few months back. I was running fine in my local system. Unfortunately my friend has removed all the directories in safe mode. meaning to say it was not properly un-installed from my system. I tried to remove all the Registry keys, Services associated with oracle. Now, I can install it. Unable to use any sqlplus services or anything. How to completely remove my hidden old files and services if any. Need to install and use it.

Any help indeed

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Was it a server install or just a client and which version? – bernd_k Dec 26 '10 at 13:44
  • Install a virtualization software like Virtualbox or VMware

  • Install a new instance of Windows 7

  • After installation, use regedit and export your registry; and also export your path

  • Install Oracle

  • Export registry once more

  • Check what differences have been made in registry and path

  • Use this information to undo changes made in your real Windows system

  • Tell your friend to stay the hell away from your computer if he doesn't know what he's doing

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I would give +10 for the last point if I could. – zvrba Dec 26 '10 at 14:16

I think it s better to use some sort of CCleaner software to check discrepancies on yr windows registry.

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