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I'm using WinXP and here is my question: I run an application, such as Chrome, there would be one app in the task bar, and it's fine. Suppose a new window of Chrome opened(so there would be 2 window and 2 in the task bar), and when I close that,the 2nd one, the whole application just shutdown.

And so does chrome, firefox, evernote, Becky!(the email client), even TortoiseSVN. So I think there should be a generic problem cause these applications shutdown, such as the platform - WinXP.

Please give me some advice or hint, anything comes to your mind would be helpful!

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Windows XP is grouping the windows in a single one when you close one it closes the entire group, you can prevent this behavior easily, instructions here

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Sorry but I didn't close that entire group, and I've disabled taskbar button grouping function. I just CTRL+W in the 2nd window of that application, and the whole application would shutdown.

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