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I need to copy frequently 2-3 files from my current program build to several other folders. How can I do this? Most free autosync solutions like SyncToy work only on folders, not files. Using .bat files doesn't look too comfy ^) Maybe there is a good freeware solution or script?

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I have not tested this, but I cannot see why you could not make a folder which you add to sync with SyncToy, Dropbox, Windows Live Mesh, etc, and then make symbolic links to the individual files you want to sync, within it.


cd synced_folder
mklink syncedfile.txt c:\%userprofile%\documents\syncedfile.txt
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You might want to use FreeFileSync (Free and Open Source). Though it is not meant to sync specifically only files, I usually set include/exclude filters to selectively copy only what files I want. You can either specify a pattern or paste filenames in the include list. There is a big funnel-shaped red button at the top-center of the window to set those filters

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