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Office Version:Office 2003Operating System:Windows XP 0 I have a Word doc that looks like this:






And a .xls that looks like this:

PracticeName        PracticeAddress    PracticeCitystate     PatientName    PatientAddress

Acme Diagnostics    101 Apian Road     Cleveland, OH 44115   George Bush    111 Broad Way  

I have Word 2003 and I:

  • Open Word & blank doc
  • >Tools>Letters&Mailings>MailMerge
  • Letters is checked>Next
  • Check "Start from existing," and select my aforementioned doc, open>Next
  • Check "Use an existing list," and open my aforementioned xls, open, use defaults > Next
  • Do nothing at "write your letter" > Next

OK, I'm at preview, yet my document still looks exactly as shown above. What am I doing wrong?

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don't go to preview mode

there should be a button View Merged Data - looks like << >> ABC

it alternatively switches between template and data views

also you should use the button "insert merge field" instead of two << - this is a single symbol

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While jet's answer probably will apply to many cases, my problem was that I had typed the "<<" and ">>" brackets manually. You can't do that. You have to use the "Insert Merge Fields" dialogue.

See here for those that might find themselves in the same boat.

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