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I have had problems since my dog pee'd on my computer.

Problem: loads windows fine, at random intervals from 5 minutes to 30 minutes it restarts itself. There is nothing in the event log such as errors, no BSOD, just cold restart. after restarting - sometimes- it POST's and restarts itself at the end of POST. It will do this many times and then finally load windows. The cycle then begins again, it will restart eventually.

What I have done: I thought it was HDD at first, since this is the only part of the computer which actually got wet with any fluid ( the case is off the PC and the dog pee'd down the front where the HDD is located). Seatool, the seagate HDD tool, found errors when I ran it inside windows, so I ran it in DOS mode from boo-table USB and ran it. It found the same number of errors and fixed them all. I ran the scan again and it says "Good". I loaded windows and ran the scan and it also said "Good there. So the HDD appears to be fine but the problem persists, random restarts.

What else could this be? I have taken the computer apart and cleaned everything and also taken the PSU apart and cleaned it thoroughly.

The problem still persists, what should my next steps be?

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If it effected the switches, which can be effected by just the introduction of normal water, you could pull the wires off, that go from the motherboard, to the switches. Then test by activating the manually on the motherboard. Same thing goes for any USB and Firewire connections that may have been liquified :-) –  Psycogeek Feb 3 '12 at 0:28

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I would say to backup everything and reinstall windows, when the disk was bad it could've corrupted parts of the os.

The POST error problems could also lead to a short on your mobo maybe with the pee.

All I can really say is for you to RMA your motherboard, but it is a way of stealing since it's been damaged on an incident of your part.

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Have you tried switching any cables (power and data)? That may help. Also I would try any different port you may have (typically 3-4 sata connections). If you have any other machines with same flavor of OS you can install is a secondary drive and perform error checking check now on the hard drive. Any other troubleshooting performed? Hair Dyer? Moving memory slots, seating...etc?

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