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I have a Windows XP (SP3) machine with a Belkin F8T012 USB adapter plugged into it. I also have a Belkin F8T031 Wireless USB Printer Adapter with an HP 5900 DeskJet plugged into it. Everytime I try to print I get asked to enter the pairing code. I read in the documentation for the F8T012 that some devices use 0000 or 1234 as a default. Neither of these work.

I used these same Belkin devices and printer on a Windows 2000 and a Windows Vista setup and had no problems; printing worked perfectly. I cannot get it to work on my Windows XP machine.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the Bluetooth software (both ver and

What else can I try?

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The following website has a listing of working and NON working Bluetooth devices.

Your device Belkin F8T012 USB is listed on the page with a link next to it saying it needs an update to work under XP. Search for it on the page.

I would go down this path to see if you can get it working. Next to it is a link to the Broadcom website to get the update for your device.

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Awesome! This is the first time I've printed via this computer since I swapped it from Vista to XP over a year ago! BTW, I did get an error during the install that said the file BTW.msi was missing; I just hit OK and everything else worked. All is good. – dwj Aug 19 '09 at 5:48

I'm placing this info here for future googlers. It comes from a reviewer at Note the critical info about the passkey:

This dongle works great, using only my Palm with Bluefish RX software. No complaints except one, and hopefully this will help some buyers.

To initially set up your handheld device, when it asks for a passkey, which is a kind of password,

THE PASSKEY IS "belkin" (all lower case).

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