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I have a win computer on the Network called WIN2K8FS1

I have TortoiseSVN on a win computer and when I go to checkout a repository with Tortoise it asks me for the URL of the repository. I put in:


And it creates the working copy.

I am trying to setup Dreamweaver CS5 to work with subversion. I create a new site and I go to the Version Control tab and it asks for a lot if info.

  1. First is Access. I choose Subversion since that is the only option
  2. Second is Protocol. Not sure which I need so I go with HTTP?
  3. Third is Server Address. I am assuming this is the name of the computer with the repository so I put in \\WIN2K8FS1\
  4. Fourth is Repository Path. I put in /Media/SVN_repo
  5. Fifth is Port which I leave default to 80
  6. Then it asks for user name and password. I never set one up for anything so I put in my domain username and password.

I click test and it tells me:

Server and project are not accessible!

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am not the server admin but I did create the repository and have access to it via Tortoise. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong in Dreamweaver.

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TortoiseSVN is not a Subversion server - it's just a client. You need to have a Subversion server to connect to with Dreamweaver. If you are using Windows, VisualSVN Standard Edition is free to use. If you do not have a separate machine to use as a server, you can use a virtual machine. You may be able to run the server on the same machine, but I have never tried it, and it's not really the way it is intended to be used.

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