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The problem I have is that I pluged my western digital elements portable hard drive into my bell sat receiver so that I could use it as a PVR. during the format process something went wrong. When I plug the drive into my computer now, the drive does not show up, however it does show up in my usb devices... Any ideas on how I can reformat it?

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If its Windows the problem might be a missing letter, open the start menu, run > diskmgmt.msc

A window will appear where you can right click your drive and assing it a letter, from there you can format it using the file explorer. On the file explorer right click on the drive and hit format :)

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Or...you could just right-click the drive and format it straight from Disk Management...;) –  Shinrai Dec 29 '10 at 15:30

You don't state what OS you're using, but you should be able to boot with a Linux Live CD, and remove any existing partitions. You can then create a new partition, and format the drive with the most appropriate file system.

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