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Does anyone know of a spreadsheet type software like excel for instance where I can add files/documents to cells. The reason being is I would like to add information in the adjacent columns regarding the files/documents I have uploaded. Ideally something like the google documents file storage hub, where I can add my own custom columns and information. Any help appreciated.

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In Excel

From the Insert menu choose Object.
Click the Create from File tab.
Browse to the file you want to embed.
Click Insert

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Hi, I have tried this but I get the impression Excel was not designed for this and I end up with quite literally a massive copy of the document or a cumbersome icon both of which are equally difficult to work with. Just wondering whether there are any bespoke solutions to this problem. –  Jacob Dec 29 '10 at 12:24

You can do this with a database management program like Microsoft Access or FileMaker Pro. You would have custom fields rather than cells like on a spreadsheet, but it is more appropriate for what you want to do.

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