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I have a BSNL 3g data card BSNL 3G data card( Model no : LW272 ). I had installed it on my Dell Laptop(Windows 7). then for some stupid reasons i deleted the drivers of this data card.

Now when i connect data card to my system,it is not detected by the system and i am not able to use it as a modem.

I am not able to find the drivers for this data card. how can i fix my issue?

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Uninstall the driver from Add/Remove Program and restart your PC and plug it in again. – user80881 May 12 '11 at 5:49
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BSNL does not manufacture datacards, you need to check who is the manufacturer of the device and then you might find the driver on the manufacturer's website.
BSNL has a driver on its site, you can check it. It might be the one you are looking for.

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When you plug it in, it should appear as a CD-ROM drive in Computer. If you click on that icon you should see an install.exe, which will reinstall the software.

(I'm not sure if I am getting confused with MTS, as I was using both on a recent trip to India, but they both worked similarly, as far as I can remember)

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When i connect my Data Card nothing comes inside MyComputer, i mean neither in a Removable drive nor CD-ROM drive. – Ishan Jan 3 '11 at 7:46
  1. Connect your data card to the system.
  2. Right click on Computer and folloewed by Manage.
  3. Click on the Device Manager
  4. Find your device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  5. Click Enable if this in Disable mode.
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