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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 64Bit and need an IPSec VPN client, I've tried Shrew VPN but that caused a BSOD.

I've noticed there is a VPN option in the start menu but I'm not sure if it is IPSec capable.

If it's not what other clients could you recommend?

Cheers Tony

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Seems to be several, NCP Secure Entry Client touts Windows 7 compatibility for instance.

As far as the built-in VPN client it supports several standards including IPsec since like NT4 or atleast Windows 2000 days but from what I know some features are missing which makes it not always compatible - but it's worth a shot.

Windows and Windows domains uses IPSec natively to secure traffic so it's not like it's not there, just that the client-side part might not be as flexible as an enthusiast user might want - normally it'll be configured by administrators with ipsec policies internally on a company network...

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Well I'll give the built in client a shot then the NCP, I'll get back and report my status - Thanks – TWith2Sugars Aug 14 '09 at 13:12
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I've found out that the RC version of Shrew VPN 2.1.5-rc-2 works perfectly

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Shrew 2.1.5-rc3 worked for me, I also wrote a basic configuration tutorial here

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