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  1. How would I list only the files modified today?

  2. How would I 'scp' the files updated today to another server?

  3. How would I list files with modified date?

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To handle your ultimate goal quicker and easier you might want to try rsync. It was made for that. – Keith Dec 30 '10 at 10:30

first question:

find YOUR_DIR -type -f -mtime 0

second question:

for file in $(find DIR -type -f -mtime 0); do scp $file server:$file; done

third question:

ls -al YOUR_FILE
stat -c %y YOUR_FILE
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$(...) is prone to expansion issues. Use find -exec or xargs instead. scp also fails to preserve attributes.

Thus, second question's answer:

find DIR -type f -mtime 0 -exec rsync -Sav '{}' server: \; ; done

(And it's also independent of ubuntu.)

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