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I am looking for a simple software to track monthly expenses, jobs, etc which is as simple to use as Remember the Milk.

I would like it to be offline, hence a desktop software. My operating system is Windows 7

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Any problem with syncing RTM and Outlook? – digitxp Dec 31 '10 at 17:11
needed something that's completely offline – rzlines Dec 31 '10 at 18:16

Have a look at timeEdition time tracker.

A discussion of it can be found in :
TimeEdition – An Excellent Yet Simple FOSS Time-Tracker

An open-source, cross-platform time tracker that requires no installation.

With TimeEdition, you don’t just track time for an activity. You log customers, projects and tasks, so in other words, to track any task, you’ll have to create a new customer first, then a project, then a task, which you can do by heading into the drop-down menu for each field in the main window, or selecting the appropriate entry under View in the menu bar.

Other free option is Rachota Timetracker.

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MyLifeOrganized seems to be the answer to my prayer. TimeEdition is nice but not that comprehensive in features as this one. Thanks

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