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How to emulate the Firefox (I'm using v3.6) address bar search redirection in Google Chrome?

For example, if I type...

imdb moon the address bar and press Return in Firefox then it redirects me straight to (and I've not visited the page before)

When I try this is Chrome then I just get the google search page

So seems like Firefox redirects automatically to the highest ranking search result URL - is there a setting or add-on for Chrome to achieve the same behaviour?

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You can set Google "I'm feeling lucky" as your default search provider. Instructions on this page:

  1. Right-click the address bar and click on "Edit search engines...".
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Where it asks for a name type Google - I'm Feeling Lucky!
  4. Where it ask for a keyword type im
  5. Where it asks for a URL paste
  6. Click Ok to save your settings and exit the dialog box
  7. Now click the Make Default button
  8. Click the Close button at the bottom
  9. Type in keywords in the address bar that describe the site you want like Caterpillar for
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