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I'm trying to scan a bunch of images, using xsane's scanimage :

scanimage --format=tiff --batch --batch-prompt

This command scans the first picture perfectly, but as soon as I press enter, the scanner makes a weird noise, and the scanning "arm" moves very, very slowly.

If I stop scanimage and start again, it scans normally again.

Is there another scanimage option that I need to add? I've checked the man page, but can't see what I'm missing.

Edit: the problem seems to be that the scanning "arm" doesn't go back to it's original position after the first scan.

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I've found this link,, where the guy has the same problem :

leads to the optical array moving very slowly and the motor making lots of noise while doing so (after scanning the first page). Interrupting the scan (CTRL-C) doesn't help, one has to unplug the scanner.

It seems to be a libsane bug, fixed in the next version.

Ok thanks.

I've got to stop answering my own questions. :)

EDIT : Got it to work by downloading the following packages from the next version of Ubuntu :

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How unlucky is that; I've got to wait for libsane 1.0.20, which is in debian unstable, which will be in Ubuntu Karmic (still in Alpha). – Manu Aug 14 '09 at 13:13

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