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I need to download Vimeo's video but I just can't find where to download them?

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One can see below that there is a Download button, but you need to sign-in to download.

enter image description here

Some channels won't allow you to download, and in this case there will be no Download button available. will then do the job.

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Hehe, how easy. I was looking for the download link inside the Video screen. Thanks. – MiniCooper Dec 30 '10 at 6:38
You're welcome, have fun! – duy Dec 30 '10 at 6:40

Go to this site and here paste the link of video and just click on Download Button.

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You can use the DownloadHelper add-on for Mozilla Firefox. works great!

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I highly recommend youtube-dl

Project hompage:

Github repo:

  • open source
  • feature rich
  • great documentation
  • cross platform (almost entirely written in python)
  • supports over 400 video sites
  • actively maintained (5k+ commits and counting)

It's awesome, you're missing out if you don't use it.

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