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I need to download Vimeo's video but I just can't find where to download them?

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One can see below that there is a Download button, but you need to sign-in to download.

enter image description here

Some channels won't allow you to download, and in this case there will be no Download button available. Keepvid.com will then do the job.

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Hehe, how easy. I was looking for the download link inside the Video screen. Thanks. –  MiniCooper Dec 30 '10 at 6:38
You're welcome, have fun! –  duy Dec 30 '10 at 6:40

DownloadAVideo.net features a simple downloader application for you to grab videos via URL. You just need to enter the URL and can save the videos in MOV, MP4 and more formats. But it requires Java to run on your browser. Hope it helps.

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You could either use Keepvid or Online-Convert.com, both of them work quite well and don't require installation. There's also a more comprehensive tutorial in case you need further instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOg93aPy6aU&index=4&list=PL3T38wXrCS7pe7Gq9g28Ax9R0B693k1Fm

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Short answers, containing learning material, are frowned upon. You should take the time to explain how the solution is implemented, and perhaps why/how it solves the problem. –  MariusMatutiae Jun 6 '14 at 7:11

Go to this site http://www.savevideo.me/ and here paste the link of video and just click on Download Button.

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You can use the DownloadHelper add-on for Mozilla Firefox. works great!

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I highly recommend youtube-dl

Project hompage: http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/

Github repo: https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl

  • open source
  • feature rich
  • great documentation
  • cross platform (almost entirely written in python)
  • supports over 400 video sites
  • actively maintained (5k+ commits and counting)

It's awesome, you're missing out if you don't use it.

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