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Is there a way to automatically start up the task manager (in this case, process explorer) when I log into Windows 7?

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Right-click your desktop, go New -> Shortcut. Point the shortcut to the executable then drag it into the startup folder in the Start menu.

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I've always done this, and then I change window to minimized in the shortcut's property to put it in the system tray directly. – Macke Jan 2 '11 at 11:05

Use a login script to start taskmgr.exe or whatever executable you want. Or a scheduled task that is set to execute the chosen program upon system startup or user login.

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OK. Did this with previous versions of Windows but it didn't work first time I tried it in Vista. Will try again in Win7. Now can I make it automatically restart if it gets closed? Or can I change the close button so that it minimizes to the tray instead of getting closed? Many programs do this but not TaskMan.


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