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Here i have a column chart of binomial distribution, showing how many times you can expect to roll a six in 235 dice rolls:

alt text

Note: You could also call it a binomial mass distribution for p=1/6, n=235

Now that graph is kinda squooshed. i'd like to change the Minimum and Maximum on the horizontal axis. i'd like to change them to:

  • Minimum: 22
  • Maximum: 57

Meaning i want to zoom in on this section of the graph:

alt text

Bonus points to the reader who can say how the numbers 22 and 57 were arrived at

If this were a Scatter graph in Excel, i could adjust the horizintal axis minimum and maximum as i desired:

alt text

Unfortunately, this is a Column chart, where there are no options to adjust the minimum and maximum limits of the ordinate axis:

alt text

i can do a pretty horrible thing to the graph in Photoshop, but it's not very useful afterwards:

alt text

Question: how to a change the x-axis minimum and maximum of a Column chart in Excel (2007)?

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Right click on the chart and choose Select Data. Select your series and choose Edit. Instead of having a "Series Values" of A1:A235, make it A22:A57 or something similar. In short, just chart the data you want rather than charting everything and trying to hide parts of it.

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+1 I type too slow –  Tog Jan 2 '11 at 20:11
You also have to change the x-axis label range (turns out there is an x-axis label range). Otherwise it just ends up starting at zero, rather than 23. But it works. –  Ian Boyd Jan 3 '11 at 3:36

I came up against the same issue, it's annoying that the functionality isn’t there for graphs other than a scatter graph.

An easier work around I found was plot your full graph like you have above. In your case plotting the data in A1:A235.

Then, on the worksheet with your source data, simply select rows A1:A21 and A58:A235 and 'hide' them (Right Click & select Hide).

When you flick back to your graph it will refresh to only show the data from A22:A57.


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You can use Excel offsets to change the X axis zoom. See this tutorial.

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If you select the left axis, right click and choose "format axis" you will see Axis options that allow you to set the min / max values as fixed numbers. You can play with those settings to give you the results you prefer.

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Welcome to SuperUser. The original post had references to the Format Axis dialog. Is there more information you can provide about configuring it to produce the desired results. –  Brad Patton May 7 '13 at 19:32

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