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How can I convert a .jpg image to an .eps?

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ImageMagick can do this.

From the commandline, simply type:

convert filename.jpg filename.eps

(On Windows you may need to put in the full path to convert.exe inside quotation marks; the above will work as-is on OS X or linux.)

It doesn't really make any sense to convert a raster graphic to a vector graphic, however. It'll still be rasterized.

Another way of doing it with a GUI would be to use Inkscape; I'm pretty sure it can import most formats, and it definitely can export to .eps — it does have some ways of trying to trace paths in a vector image to recreate the vectors, but it's far from failsafe.

Just be sure to "embed" rather than "link" when you import.

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I ever wrote a small webpage to convert images to EPS for myself: JPG to EPS converter . This may help others without a Linux aside. – ericzma Nov 15 '12 at 3:14

If you just want to convert an image or two to eps - use an online utility...

Convert Image To EPS

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Not helpful if you have a large number of files – twneale Jul 27 '13 at 2:26

If you just want the jpeg image contained in the .eps file (and not vectorized), try this code

It's C++ source, and takes several image formats and puts them inside a compliant .eps file as an embedded image.

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if the question involves postscript the answer is generally ghostscript / ghostview

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gimp is a great tool for converting files to other popular formats -

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