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I am attempting to create a wind rose graph, i.e.



My data is wind speed and cardinal wind direction in separate columns:

Wind (mph)  Wind Direction
3.66        SE
2.69        SE
2.62        SW
2.76        SW
2.11        NW
3.13        NW
3.55        SW
3.62        W

My final goal is to actually create the graph with a VBA macro, but I am unsure how to even create the graph manually. I can, if need be, convert the cardinal directions to degrees.

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I assume this is next to impossible without external software to create the graph. I ended up creating the graph in PHP. – Patrick Jan 24 '11 at 17:54
I got curious and googled a little bit:… – molgar Feb 21 '11 at 16:57
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You can create something basic much like your first sample using a standard Excel "filled radar chart". You'll need to summarise your data into a table like this - make sure the higher-valued column comes first. It can probably be done just with some "countif" formulas from your input data, not even VBA.

    H   M   L
N   5   4   1
NE  7   5   2
E   9   6   3
SE  11  5   4
S   10  6   5
SW  5   5   4
W   4   3   3
NW  2   1   2

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I researched and believe that the only way to create a wind rose graph in excel 2007 is by using external programs that then import the image into excel.

Since I was seeking a way to create the wind rose completely within excel using a VBA macro, I believe this problem to be currently unsolvable.

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I had a good search around and found this site very helpful:

It's cheap and it simple to use. Runs using excel with some built in VBA coding to produce wind roses like the one below.

enter image description here

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This site has software you can download to do this in Excel. I didn't try it, but from the user manual it looks like what you want. Bonus: available in in English and Greek! ;-)

This site suggests using R to create the graph. R is statistical computation and graphics package. I've seen some nice output from it. I suspect it will require some work before you will be able to use it efficiently.

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It's actually simple - just create a filled radar chart. Create a column of data with multiple points for each direct, say 10 separated by a null or low value point.

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Could you possibly go into further detail, possibly with test values or a screenshot? – Insane Oct 15 '15 at 22:49

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