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I have lost all email messages and folders in Mozilla Thunderbird. Where can I look for them? My system is Windows XP.

I have looked in the Thunderbird Profiles default profile folder. I can see Inbox and Trash but none of the other folders I have set up are visible.

I cannot directly open Inbox or Trash so I don't know if my lost messages are in these folders. Is there someone in this community who can help?

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The location of the folder can be found by following the instructions on this link.

On Windows:

Select Run... from the Start menu.

Type "%appdata%" (without the quotes).

Hit Return. Open the Thunderbird folder. Go to the Profiles folder.

Now open the folder of your Mozilla Thunderbird profile (probably "**.default" where the '*'s stand for random characters) and the folder beneath it.

As an aside, it's possible over the years that you may have more than one profile folder, so it's worth having a look for other locations in the general vicinity.

As for file types, the extension for Thunderbird mail is .msf, with a coinciding file name without an extension that stores the actual data.

You will not be able to view the data by double-clicking on the file, due to the way the data is stored.

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