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I think this is a big bug, if I delete ALL browser data in chrome (CTRL-Shift-Delete and make sure everything is selected and the dropdown is everything), it deletes everything.

BUT, if I go to the Chrome tab in my toolbar in Windows 7, and right click, it shows websites I have recently visited and most visited etc.

This is really BAD!

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If I'm correct, what you mean by toolbar is the superbar and the list of visited websites you see is a jump list. If you search for "clear jump list", you may overcome this bug. – oKtosiTe Jan 6 '11 at 12:03

It probably cached the list in RAM and didn't remove that. Restart your computer.

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When you press Ctrl Shift Del ,It just deletes the history not the bookmarks. The links which are shown when type after wards are bookmark. Go to Bookmark Manager and delete all the bookmarks.

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