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I've checked out this question, but it refers to something a little different.

I would like an OS X app that is like a stopwatch with multiple timers. So if I have five different project and I start working on project "A" I can start that clock and then stop it and start the project "B" clock, etc.

The reason I want this is so that I can get a more accurate sense of how I spend my time throughout the day. My ambition is to use this knowledge to increase my productivity.

An iPhone app would also be an option.

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iBiz and Billings are both OS X apps that do time tracking all the way through to billing and invoicing, so they might be a bit heavy if you just want a simple app just to track time.

If you're doing freelancing work though, they're probably perfect.

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Thanks, I'll check those out. – Ethan Aug 14 '09 at 18:27
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After investigating several I settled on Harvest.

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For the longest time, I used Toggl ( for tracking time spent working on small projects.

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I looked through about 10 of them and I though this was the best. The others were either missing something or were overly complex. You just hit start for the task and you end up with a summary by day, week, or month.

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