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Folding and unfolding blocks of code helps, but in bigger files I really want to have the outline overview of a class and its methods.

So, is there a plugin or anything for Notepad++ that I can have a outline of a class as the outline tab on Eclipse?

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In notepad++ v6.6.8, you just select "View | Function List" and it works great. – Will Sheppard Nov 19 '14 at 10:25

Function List plugin was great, but it has not been maintained for a long time and has been reported unstable for a while now. (As I'm writting, the actual version of Notepad++ is 6.1.7)

You should try SourceCookifier which can be found on it's sourceforge page or better, directly in the Notepad++ Plugin Manager.

By the way, in the View menu, you've got an option to collapse different levels of your code which can then be unfold manually.

Hope this helps, happy coding mate.

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It sounds like a job for the Function List plugin.

To install it, simply follow the instructions in install.txt inside of the .zip file.

It doesn't appear to work with Java out of the box, but you can follow this guide to make it work properly. Alternatively, you can manually add the following to the configuration XML file, inside of the Java section:

<Group name="METHOD" subgroup="" icon="0" child="0" autoexp="0" matchcase="1" fendtobbeg="" bbegtobend="\{" keywords="">
    <Rules regexbeg="\w*[\s\*]*" regexfunc="\w+\s*[\s\*]*" regexend="\(.*\)" bodybegin="\{" bodyend="\}" sep="" />
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Python example:… – n611x007 Nov 6 '13 at 15:08

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