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I have Nero burning ROM 9, but I don't want to use it to burn a DVD. I just want to create a ISO file of an existing Video DVD. I can see how to create a .nrg file, but I don't see how to create an ISO.

Can anyone tell me how to create an ISO file from a DVD in Nero 9?

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You should be able to write to a .nrg or .iso file through Nero's image burner. I am currently using Nero 10 but it should be the same exact process in 9 IIRC.

To make an ISO of a disc*:

  1. Select the Image Recorder as your recording device.
  2. Start the disc copier.
  3. Configure your settings.
  4. When it asks for the image location, change the save type to ISO Image File.
  5. Save.

To make an ISO of your project:

  1. Start your project and add the files you want on the image.
  2. Select the Image Recorder as your recording device.
  3. Burn it.
  4. Verify the settings.
  5. When it asks for the image location, change the save type to ISO Image File.
  6. Save.

Note: If it is a protected disc, burning may not work due to the protection mechanisms. You'd need some software to bypass the protections in order to do so and have it work. Free software such as Alcohol 52% can make these images for you (and provides a virtual drive to mount these images to) or paid software such as AnyDVD (HD) can bypass and record.

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This is a tricky one.

Use the copy disc to recorder or using Nero Express "copy entire cd" and choose the option.

Check the answer here.

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  1. --> Open Nero Burning Rom
  2. --> Press cancel at the prompt of what type of data.
  3. --> Click Extras -> Save Tracks.
  4. --> Change the Output Format to .ISO from .NRG (default)
  5. --> Set the output path location and file name
  6. --> click Go.

tested on nero 7 and 8

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