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Title says it all, I'm looking for an osx version of or something similar to Pepakura Designer.

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Check out Dunreeb cutout (found via AlternativeTo) -- however it seems to be a plugin for Autodesk Maya. You might not be ready to spend $3,495 for Maya just to run this plugin.

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Well, the Maya Trial version costs $0, so together with the Cutout demo version, you can try out for free.

Also, if you are a student, you can get maya for free, check out

Somewhere I read that if one is out of work temporarily, Autodesk has a special campaign for those people, and one also gets many of their software products for free.

So there are lots of possibilities, you just have to know them.

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I think the the student deal works for an year, but the student bundle license has a low price compared to the original one. – George Profenza Jan 5 '11 at 16:48

Pepakura works with Wine on OSX.

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There is now a native solution on Mac OSX to build papercrafts from 3d models: DunreebCutout

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Welcome to Super User. Just FYI, you answered a very old question, and the site standards have tightened a bit since that question was posted. Questions requesting software recommendations are off-topic (although it's OK to provide them in answers). For future reference, answers should provide actionable solutions, so just linking to a product is sometimes seen as spam. Explain why it's a good solution and better, show how to use it to solve the problem. Good advice on how to recommend software here:…. – fixer1234 Jun 10 at 1:19

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