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Ok... I've searched a lot for this, but it's not an easy question to search for!

When I open any files (xls, or xlsx) in Excel 2007, excel acts like it's a read only file, essentially creating a new file with the name plus a 1 on the end...

Eg. I open NewDoc.xlsx Excel opens it as NewDoc1.xlsx and the save button brings up the save as dialogue in my default folder.

Does anyone know how to set it back to allowing me to open, edit and save a document without having to browse to the original document and save over it!?

My immediate thought was access permissions, but the file is in a network folder with my user given Full Control, I also tried creating a new file in that folder, and also on my local machine just in case - same result. To make it even stranger, if I browse to the original file using the save as dialogue, it will let me save over the original, without any further prompts.

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What happens if you save the file and then save it again, I mean if you do this twice and you end up with one file have 1 appended to it's name and second one is it again appends a 1 to it or saves it with 2 appended to it? It might be some type poor mans versioning behavior that you are dealing with. – Arjang Jan 10 '11 at 18:29
Are you sure you have no malware? Are addons disabled? Is it .xlsx for sure or maybe .xlsm (with macros)? – Jet Aug 25 '15 at 17:17

I seem to have resolved this by running the Repair portion of the Office 2k7 setup installation option

(For future reference, this is accessed via Add/Remove programs in the control panel and clicking 'Change' for MS Office 2007, and then selecting Repair)


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Chris, that's the behavior I'd expect when opening an Excel template file. I see at this link that registering and unregistering Excel solved a similar problem for somebody:

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Didn't work for me, same behaviour. I'll try searching for terms like 'wont open original document' now though, thanks. – Chris Jan 6 '11 at 8:46

I solved the problem by changing the Read & Write permissions in the Get Info screen to Read only, then back to Read & Write. tlc

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The only thing that worked for me was to change the extention to .xls (save as - pick .xls from the drop-down list)

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Save the file again. On opening the newly saved fiel if it asked. Do you want to keep the document trusted? say no. This will solve the issue. and also tick the box "never ask question again"

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