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Printing a text file with lpr produces output with a large Monaco font and very thin margins. Is there a way to change the font and the margins when you use lpr on OS X?

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lp allows you to specify margins and text size. According to the man lp:

-o cpi=N
     Sets the number of characters per inch to use when printing a text file. The default is 10.

-o lpi=N
     Sets the number of lines per inch to use when printing a text file. The default is 6.

-o page-bottom=N

-o page-left=N

-o page-right=N

-o page-top=N
     Sets the page margins when printing text files. The values are in points - there are 72 points to the inch.


Print a double-sided legal document to a printer called "foo":
    lp -d foo -o media=legal -o sides=two-sided-long-edge filename

Print an image across 4 pages:
    lp -d bar -o scaling=200 filename

Print a text file with 12 characters per inch, 8 lines per inch, and a 1 inch left margin:
    lp -d bar -o cpi=12 -o lpi=8 -o page-left=72 filename
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I defined a command mylpr (in ~/bin) as follows:

ENSCRIPT="--no-header --margins=36:36:36:36 --font=Courier11 --word-wrap --media=Letter"
/usr/bin/enscript -p - $1 | /usr/bin/lpr

then I also added lines

(require 'lpr)
(setq my-print-command "~/bin/mylpr")
(setq lpr-command my-print-command)

to my ~/.emacs and ~/.xemacs/custom.el files. This took care of all my instances of printing in 12-pt Monaco without margins.

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oops... I hope what I posted above is clear enough... I can't edit or comment, so I thank any other user who will do it. Notice that there should be a ";", or a new line, after "export ENSCRIPT". – user119153 Feb 19 '12 at 20:04
Fixed up for you :) – Simon Sheehan Feb 19 '12 at 21:15

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