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Is there a way to get Dreamweaver CS4 to use syntax highlighting when writing full script CFCs? If the document type is .cfc and they syntax is fullscript, there is no syntax highlighting; the code will be in black text...

For example, the following block of code will appear without syntax highlighting:

component extends="whatever" output="false" {
  public void foo() {

While the tag equivalent would be highlighted normally:

<cfcomponent extends="whatever" output="false">
  <cffunction name="foo" returnType="void" access="public">
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If you surround the code with <cfscript></cfscript> you'll get the highlights. I know it sucks but it is the only way for now. Wish Adobe would do something about it because I love Dreamweaver and I really dislike ColdFusion Builder.

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to be honest I felt the same way in the beginning, but now I am loving ColdFusion builder for so many reasons, I doubt I will go back to Dreamweaver. I think the code highlighting was also the biggest deal breaker for me. – Mohamad Feb 3 '11 at 4:05

When using CFC files, use this:


This will trick Dreamweaver to show cfscript highlighting, without having to remove the cfscript tag on save.

I hope this helps some people who still have the love for Dreamweaver :)

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