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I have many video tutorials and i want simple player , where i have playlist visible on left and video on right. i could not found any good player.

Usually all player have separate window for playlist which is not visible

any ideas

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Splayer has an integrated playlist window right next to the video window.

alt text

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You could use VLC as it has a seperate window for playlist.

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VLC is a very good player, though I use portable version and it often takes a lot of time doing font cache . . . – nXqd Mar 12 '11 at 8:33

Gomplayer do this as you explain. Open GomPlayer then press F8. Playlist window will appear. Separate window for playlist but visible

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Typically, if you're running Windows 7, you'll want to use Windows Media Player, particularly since many videos online are .wmv files (which plays on WMP) or are usually compatible with the player. It's also relatively easy to use and build video playlists in. You might as well use what has come with your computer.

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