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in ubuntu both Chrome and Firefox stores temporary files in /tmp . Now im using MacOsx and i dont know where to find Temporary files, such as flv videos, do you know something about it ?

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Firefox stores its files in /Users/username/Library/Caches/Firefox/.

Chrome stores its files in /Users/username/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/ and (very short-term) in /private/var/folders/.

You can see these paths when you run either of the following:

sudo fs_usage -f pathname Google\ Chrome
sudo fs_usage -f pathname firefox-bin

If you just want to download FLV files off a video sharing site, I suggest using a browser plugin, or Safari's Web Inspector with resource tracking.

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If they follow the correct OS X conventions, the temporary files will be in


where the x's represent some sort of random string, which is per application (I think).

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In Ubuntu for Firefox, you can do:

Tools > Page Info > Media

This will display the direct URL to any media file on the page. You can select/highlight it and click the Save As... button. Choose your directory and save it.

Works fine for me that way. I usually do it for .swf files but might work for .flv files as well.

I know this isn't a solution for the temporary file question but that this might help if you're trying to obtain a media file from a website.

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