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I went to this page on neohapsis about the latest Linux kernel bug. I kept this URL opened in a tab and I noticed that my CPU was at full load... Weird. Then after looking around for a while I notice "Applet DistCrack.class started", WTF? I promptly banned it with AdBlock+.

Edit: I just noticed that they mention their "research on distributed computing" on the page. This is a bit harsh to me : suck up CPU first and opt out later?

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Damn skippy. These people are bad citizens, at the very least. – Richard Hoskins Aug 15 '09 at 2:28
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I tried the link and reached the page with firefox.

  • Noticed nothing suspicious active on my system
  • Opened NoScript for; temporarily
    • Still no new activity...
  • Then, opened the "blockable items" list on AdBlock+
    • I could see the blocked item
  • Since I had opened NoScript specifically for the primary site (neohapsis),
    I effectively opted out.
  • Would not even have noticed all this
    if I had been to that site without reference from this question

Short story: If you are fine to run Ads from other Ad servers,
You probably do not mind giving some CPU time to distributed computing research
(this is probably their philosophy too)

If you want to opt-out of such things,
take suggestions from my description above.

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