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I have a Logitech M510 wireless mouse and am on a Mac. Right now I can assign different actions to the 2 thumb buttons through the Logitech control panel. What I want to do is have mouse button combos to perform actions.

So if I am holding thumb button 1 and click the left button, a tab will close in Chrome. As well as any other "hold one button, click another" combination.

Is there any program out there that gives this type of customization?

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If you say "on a Mac" you mean Mac OS X? Or do you use Windows or Linux? –  Daniel Beck Jan 7 '11 at 10:21

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Better Touch Tool does what you want. I've just downloaded it and am thoroughly enjoying it: http://www.boastr.net/

I believe it's also available on the Mac App store.

It supports:

  • Magic Mouse
  • Macbook Trackpad
  • Magic Trackpad
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • normal mice
  • Apple Remote
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Thanks for this hint, good tool. Was able to assign page back and page forward actions to my MX518 side buttons. –  Victor Mar 1 at 20:51

I was able to stop Expose from opening when I pressed my Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Mouse 5000 Back button with System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Mouse Button 4 -> -.

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This is amusing. This works perfectly yet there is no built in OS controls to change it to anything but these 4 options.. –  Keith Smiley Mar 14 at 22:18

You can try using USB Overdrive or SteerMouse for some mouse customization. I don't know if the Logitech utility alone is enough.

Combine it with Mac OS X Services (e.g. from Automator) that are assigned keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences, or utilities such as Butler or Keyboard Maestro.

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